I miss the sound of your voice
I miss the rush of your skin
I miss the still of the silence
As you breathe out and I breathe in

If I could walk on water
If i could tell you whats next
Make you believe
Make you forget

Come on get higher
Loosen my lips
Faith and desire
And the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard
And drown me in love

I miss the sound of your voice
The loudest thing in my head
And I ache to remember
All the violent, sweet, perfect words that you said

I feel the pull of your heart
I taste the sparks on your tongue
I see angels and devils and god when you come on
Hold on

It's all wrong
It's all wrong
It's all wrong, its so right

Come on get higher
Come on and get higher
Because everything works love
Because everything works in your heart (с)